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Nice pair for chilly morning rides!

Soft and stretchy thermal fleece that keeps me warm on chilly morning rides here in SoCal, with enough breathability to cool off when it gets hotter. As someone who already has a BlackBibs adventure bib, the pad was as comfortable as expected. Sizing note - I've previously used the "short inseam" bib shorts in size M which fit well as 5'7'' guy with shorter legs than torso. So staying in size M for these knickers, I had a feeling the length would end a little lower towards the bottom of my calf (instead of mid-calf), which I was happy with, as I could treat them more like full tights. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase!

Steven H.
nice knickers

Fit and comfort is good. Chamois is a bit too thick. shoulder straps are too short and feel tight.

Matt E.
Race-worthy in cold temps (30s and 40s F)

I broke the rule of never trying something new on race day, but VERY glad I did! As the fit description says, they "feel" pretty tight going on, but once you get going, you recognize they settle into a "snug compressive fit." I hammered hard for over three hours in these on a really cold morning and felt great! So awesome!!!

Bobby S.

Love them!

Luke D.
Great 3/4 tights!

Love the pockets, material, length and ultra chamois! I found them to fit slightly on the smaller side compared to TBB ultra shorts, but size M still worked for me. (5'10", ~167lbs). I do wish the shoulder straps could be one piece of material instead of the outer bands and mesh in the middle. Those always bunch up for me, but a pair from a different brand uses a solid piece of material and I find those more comfortable on my shoulders. Overall, these are great value as usual for a TBB product, and I would definitely buy again (especially if the straps can be upgraded! ;) ).