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      Which Bibs Do I Choose?

      It's a good question and one we get a lot. Our lineup consists of three levels of bib: The original Black Bib, The Plus Bib, and The Ultimate Bib. Each of these three have slight differences that can be confusing at first glance.

              • The original $40 bib brings race proven materials to your wardrobe. We use high compression dyed fabric and the Coolmax chamois to create the perfect affordable bibshort.
              • The Plus bib utilizes the same Coolmax chamois and layout as the original black bib but takes it one step further by incorporating the powerband leg opening. This model is also available in a cold weather version with thermal fabric.
              • Our Ultimate Bib expands upon these features with the addition of the Ultimate chamois. Within the ultimate line we also have the Adventure Bib which incorporates both side and rear pockets for carrying cargo.

      The Plus and Ultimate Bib are also available in various colorways and inseam lengths. Differences in each level extend to the tights, shorts, and knickers as well.

      Bibs Coolmax Pad Ultimate Pad Power Band Pockets

      Standard Bibs

      Plus Bibs

      Ultimate Bibs

      Adventure Bibs

      Ultimate Pad

      The Ultimate Pad is recommended for riders that like to put in big hours on their rides. It has become a favorite from our retail line after extensive testing by our team riders. The pad's dimensions are optimized to avoid the restriction of movement and the absence of glue and adhesive films ensures that it is breathable allowing air and moisture to transfer through. Measured at the widest point, the men's and women's Ultimate pads are 16cm across.

      * Please note that Ultimate pad color can vary.

      Coolmax Pad

      The Coolmax chamois has a slimmer profile overall which contributes to its flexibility. This pad is an all around favorite for riders that value a more minimal feel. Measured at the widest point, the men's Coolmax pad is 18cm across and the women's pad is 16.5 cm across.

      Triathlon Pads

      Triathletes know that their gear has to be versatile enough to handle every discipline. Our tri specific pads strike a balance between water shedding capability, cushion, and flexibility so that you can focus on getting to that next transition.

      Power Band

      The Power Band is an Italian silicon-infused power band that we introduced first in our custom lineup. The band is wide enough that it doesn't dig into the skin and doesn't have an irritating raised profile like bibs of old. It works wonders for comfortably keeping the leg opening in place during rides.


      Some of our bibs feature pockets on the sides of the leg panels and on the back. The side pockets are the perfect size for a bar or bananna and the rear pockets are more gel sized.

      Women's Bottoms

      Men's Bottoms