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Laundry Instructions

Washing Temperature

We recommend washing all of our gear at a cool to medium setting. If you wash on cold, detergent and contaminents like salt from your sweat and oils will not be completely removed from the fabric. Alternatively, washing on hot may end up damaging your kit.

Cycle Time

Your gear doesn't need to be in the wash for an hour. Use common sense if you are introducing other items as well but 30 minutes is plenty for cycling gear. Anything more just agitates the kit and causes premature wear.


Modern athletic wear is designed to breathe and wick sweat away from the body. Most common detergents haven't evolved to accomodate this and we find that their ingredients can accelerate the wear on our apparel. We recommend using detergent that is designed for sportswear and using less of it. Too much detergent saturates the fabric and doesn't all come out towards the end of the cycle. The remaining detergent stays in along with the grime that you're trying to wash out. Avoid fabric softener too as it coats your bibs and jerseys with silicon which diminishes it's ability to breathe and wick moisture.

We recommend HEX Performance for detergent. Use code BLACKBIBS25 for 25% off your first order.


Don't put your kit through the dryer! This bakes in excess detergent and contaminants and wears your kit out faster than anything else. We'd recommend air drying to preserve your kit for as long as possible.